About us

We wanted to let you know why we set up Mounthurst Tax and Accounting. If you are short on time, please give us a call, or fill out the contact form. But if you want to know why we are passionate about giving a level of service and quality to all businesses and individuals then read on.

Chris McCandless, our Managing Director, started his career working with owner-managed businesses at the “Big 4” accounting firm Deloitte. His career eventually took him to both Barclays and EY, where he provided tax and accounting advice to some of the world’s largest global companies.

These companies enjoy an exceptional level of service with specialists supporting their every step.  Technology is cleverly used behind the scenes to save time, simplify processes and avoid mistakes.

Mounthurst Tax and Accounting is committed to bringing this level of personal service and quality to all businesses and individuals. No longer is this only available to the world’s largest companies.

We also partner with Xero to ensure that world’s best cloud technology helps deliver Making Tax Digital to our clients.  Making Tax Digital fundamentally changes how your records are kept and requires specialist technology to ensure compliance with the law.  We worry so you don’t have to.